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Why You Should Join Niqab Day 8th March 2010.

Violence against women is happening in the world. This violence is not just physical but also verbal. Goverment who we have elected are ones who now are holding our sister against their will, they are the ones telling us how a woman should look or behave. Moreover, the government ignores woman needs — and denies their very existence and prevent human rights.

Womens are the ones who had to fight to have basic rights, throughout the history, the question is why is this happening now?

Sisters and brothers, we need to show the world that We are as equal as men and We have right as they.

Join to take part of Niqab Day, to show our support to our sister on 8th March 2010 on the Women’s day - it’s a day when the world celebrate. Let’s celebrate the choices of womens.

Ich weiß nicht, ob es auch Veranstaltungen in Deutschland geben wird, falls ja und ich davon erfahren, werde ich es hier bekannt geben.

Auf jeden Fall ist das eine gute Sache, um für das Recht muslimischer Frauen auf Selbstbestimmung und Gleichberechtigung zu kämpfen.